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STACS® RadioHub™



Digital Radio Infrastructure

Applying Infrastructure Radio Capabilities to Tactical Environments

P25 Digital Voting and Tactical Dispatch


Introducing infrastructure quality voting and dispatch to incident sites and other tactical environments with end-to-end encryption using AES-256 and OTAR support.

Simple Configuration

Develop and Test multiple voting configurations during exercises and activate them in seconds during actual incidents.   Or, create a new Voter configuration in the field using simple configuration tools and stand up a secure digital voter in minutes.

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Rapid Deployment

Radio and Network configurations are automatically deployed to the Voter, Control Interface and Tactical Dispatch.  Full telemetry is available in the Control Interface and Tactical Dispatch for all radio interfaces and network links

Low-Cost Infrastructure

Automatic network configuration adjusts to network latency and jitter in real-time providing clear, reliable communications without expensive microwave links or leased lines.  Satellite and LTE/5G connections can be used to provide voting in challenging environments.

For more Information:

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Or Contact:

Cecil Dyer, Director of Federal Contracts  480-626-2318

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