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The Department of Homeland Security and FEMA require compliance to Project 25 (P25). All Federal grant monies to state, tribal, territorial, and public agencies for LMR equipment must conform to the standard. Standardization can be challenging, require technical resources, years of planning, and as a result is capital intensive.

Please welcome the STACS “RadioHub” P25 standards based network software solution. The RadioHub software defined network can provide the backbone for any new P25 Conventional standards based design and or simply integrate with existing architecture to expand, upgrade, and or update legacy networks. 

The RadioHub simulator design tool provides for architecture validation, dramatically impacting timing and cost.  Not only is the deployment made simple but the cost is based on the base station count ONLY!


In addition, the RadioHub can provide a minutes to deploy network alternative in support of any tactical episode and or event. 


Finally, a complete advanced network technology designed without component preference and completely aligned with the mission of providing unrestricted access to interoperable infrastructure and tactical P25 communications. 


  • Full end-to-end encryption (AES256) without requiring loading encryption keys on the STACS RadioHub. Full OTAR (over the air re-key) support is provided with a gateway to industry standard KMS(Key Mgt. Facility) systems.

  • Mixed systems of voted (P25 DFSI, V.24 or HDLC/SLIP) and arbitrated radios (analog, DMR, TETRA, military) can be deployed quickly. 

  • The RadioHub automatically tracks network latency and jitter, eliminating the need for expensive microwave and dedicated line systems. Latency up to two seconds is supported allowing use with all broadband satellite systems. 

  • The system is low cost, scalable, and complete with simple to use STACS Dispatch interface applied to desktops and or notebook devices. 

  • Ideal for Defense, VIP, Infrastructure, Border Patrol, Inter or Intra Agency, or Tactical communication.

STACS radiohub interface.png


Cloud Centric Configuration

RadioHub 1.PNG


Typical Configuration

RadioHub 2.PNG
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