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ADCOM Technologies LLC was formed in 2008 created specifically for the development of advanced communication solutions targeted at providing a disruptive influence enabling and simplifying the integration and deployment of voice and data communications. Historically, our principal end user markets are State and Local Public Safety and the Department of Defense. ADCOM has internal manufacturing and electronic assembly resources capable of providing a turnkey response to our customers. As a privately held company ADCOM uniquely funds research and development internally and has been a leader in the evolution and advancement of field, on premise, and cloud software defined network communications. Developed and successfully deployed in the 2010-2017 timeframe, the Smart Tactical Advanced Communication System (STACS®), was designed and deployed providing secure voice and data in minutes in any environment authenticated by the STACS Cloud. STACS remains today as a superior solution for emergency deployment.

In December of 2020, based on the proven STACS 100 technology, the Federal Government awarded ADCOM a development contract to provide a NexGen P25 Conventional travel hub communications system. The system mission was targeted to support OCONUS and CONUS VIP travel and situational episodes. In December 2021 ADCOM successfully delivered operating prototypes and met or exceeded the performance criteria outlined in attachment “Travel Hub”. The system is the only software based tactical solution providing a redundant voting capability.

In July of 2022 ADCOM introduced the STACS RadioHub P25 Conventional software defined network system complete with tactical console. The solution is standards based and designed with our core philosophy of simple integration, deployment, and administration. The patent pending low cost of ownership “RadioHub” eliminates the requirement for expensive microwave links, simplifies in minutes the integration of site or mobile radios at an episode or disaster and is ideal for a last mile link option in support of the FirstNet mission objectives.

Proven History

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide all levels of Public Safety with simple to use, cost effective, reliable, and comprehensive network communication technology designed for emergency tactical environments.

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